22nd February 2020. Bob Ferguson Songwriter. 

The last couple of years we had the pleasure of having the Scottish musician Bob Ferguson on stage. He is a great performer.  With Bob in the house, you're sure of having an entertaining afternoon or evening. And the music he's playing is diverse.  

Scottish and Irish folk, but also songs made by himself. We knew Bob already from concerts he played in our folk club with Beggars Row and Celtic Hearts.  But his solo concerts are also from high quality. So whenever you have the chance to get him on stage in your folk club, bar or festival.....?! Book this guy!  

Klaas Vis, Folkclub Oosterleek, Netherlands. 

Bob Ferguson Songwriter is Bob's solo act where he sings mostly his own songs and compositions. From songs, he sang with Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon and many others. Songs such as;

  • Abbo Kintay,
  • Soldiers of Peace,
  • A thousand miles from home,
  • Take me home,
  • My lovely rose,
  • Dance across the rooftops.

Other songs such as;

  • Drink away,
  • I am easy,
  • Marry arry me,
  • The Slaves song,
  • Heavin haul away,
  • Man of the river,
  • The Devils at your back.
  • Same old Glasgow city,
  • Standing in the rain,
  • never on a Saturday,
  • Oollee Allee ay
  • let's keep the walls down,
  • sunset and sunrise,
  • Will you be my friend,
  • Stop the wars,
  • many more songs also.

Bob's songwriter act is more mellow than his other acts. Bob varies his song selection to suit the audience and venue.                               

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 19th February 2020. Bob Ferguson Songwriter. 

A very special experience for us was when a Sunday in June, for the first time we held a house concert. The Artist, yes, it was Bob Ferguson and what a wonderful day it became. We had borrowed a tent and scraped the neighbours and own garden chairs together, and had invited family, friends, neighbours and others, at a concert in the garden.  Not everyone knew about Bob already, but we have received incredibly many happy and positive feedbacks.  

Everyone was excited about the music and the amazing atmosphere that Bob created. It was a huge experience, and it didn't require much. Bob is highly recommended if someone has a party in mind, and I certainly don't think it's the last time we do it and the guests are ready, I have no doubt about that.  

Gurli Møller Neilsen. House Concert Host, Denmark.