23rd December and a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Well, it's two days before Christmas and we are all mostly in lockdown again. Stay safe my friends. In the meantime it has been difficult to get on with booking tours and venues 2021 and 2022. Lisbeth and I try to book two years ahead when possible but, 2021 is proving to be a challenge. No one knows for sure when restrictions will be removed enough for venues to organise events and also be able to have enough tickets to sell to make an event pay.

That leaves myself and other performers with a question of what to do just now. As you know I am working on two albums. I am also scheming to find the time to try and release a new single every 2 months. I would love to manage it every month but, I know what life is like when I set myself targets that are too tight. LOL.


Apart from that I am working on new adventures and one of those may be Twitch. I have done many Livestreams on Facebook and will continue to do so for the moment. However, I quite like the fun they have on Twitch and the possibilities for more control over the stream and the better quality broadcasting available. So look out for me on Twitch in the New year of 2021.


As many of you may know. I am writing novels and the first one I hope to release is titled THE CHASE. The main difference with writing novels compared to songs is the time required to write a book and edit to professional standards. There is so much to learn in this process and so many times the book and each chapter, paragraph and line has to be rewritten to attain the standard required to sell to the public. I am learning fast. However, often it has to take a back seat to the music so I can pay the bills.


Well, I don't need to talk about the virus as we all know enough about it. However, like many  other performers it has decimated the live music scene and myself included.

To be fair, I did much better than I hoped for and better than many other performers who hardly played a gig all year. I ended up with many new venues and concerts and if it hadn't been for the Celtic Horizon band tours of Denmark and Netherlands cancelling at the last moment because of the virus, my year would have been more successful. However the cancellations happened and as such I haven't had a concert since the beginning of October. 


Yes that's right. Two new band projects are being worked on just now. The first I have mentioned before is WHISPERS IN THE WIND, a trio consisting of myself, Antionette Wolters and Sebastian Meijer. All the music is written by the trio and mostly gentle and laid back. The virus has delayed this project. However we hope to be on the road by end of 2021 or early 2022.


In 2012, we recorded an album for a new project. However, life got in the way with my late wife's health, and other everyday life problems with the band. The project was never finished. However, The album has been retracted from my archives and is underway again. The hope is that the album will be up for sale after the summer of 2021, and the first mini-tour planned for 2022. The members are myself, Neil Nicholson, Ann-Marie Bekema, Judith Eppinga-Leijendekker and Sebastian Meijer. 

The music ranges from Colours of the wind, Turning away to May it be and the Gael.

Time to go into the studio now. Stay safe everyone and see you all in 2021.


Bob Ferguson.

new albums being recorded

 26th September, 2020.

Hey everyone, It's not long since The Burning Times album was released. However, I am already back in the studio working on two more songwriter albums simultaneously.

One is titled 'Stop The Wars' and is a mix of contemporary songs I have written,

The other is titled 'The Lone Night Rider' and is shaping up to be a more Celtic/folk rock album.

I hope to have at least one finished before touring starts next year maybe even both who knows. Alas, I have learned from experience not to set a timetable for completion as musicians schedules are often changed.

Look out for updates on how these albums are progressing.  

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the burning times album now available for sale

My new Burning Times Album is now out for sale and you can download digitally on my music store page, or buy a CD copy delivered to you anywhere in the world.

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31st March 2020,

Hi everyone,  

First I would like to wish that you all stay safe during this Coronavirus. 

Now to the music. I have just sent out the first Newsletter of 2020 to all those on my mailing list This includes information on what's happening this year for me with the music and also includes to free Mp3 tracks. One of my Xmas song and one from my Burning Times album due out very soon.

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!6th February, 2020.

Hey friends and those new visitors to my new website all updated and with a new and great hosing site.

Great News! The mailing list is operational now and this month I will be sending out a Newsletter that will include a Free Mp3 of one of my recorded songs. Which one? Ah that's a surprise!

Also, in this months Newsletter will be news of some other things happening this year and you will be the first to know a little more.

I will also include a true story about life on the road over the years. Crazy, fun things that have happened and

I would like to know what you would like to see in my Newsletter. If you have any ideas then either email me, PM me on Facebook or fill in the contact form on the contact page of this website.

THE BURNING TIMES ALBUM! yes it's almost finished and will be out very soon. All the songs are new except for one track and that's the beautiful SKYE BOAT SONG. A popular Scottish song also used as the theme song to the fantastic series OUTLANDER.

I have said enough on here and want to keep some extra news things for the Newsletter.

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Hi, Everyone!

Here is where I post the latest news and updates. The date will appear alongside all updates.


My new album project The Burning Times is almost finished. The album will feature songs all about the time period of the battle of Culloden. For all of the Outlander series fans out there, you will have watched this time period in the series. 

The album had been finished in my mind and just needed mastered. However, it's good to leave an album sitting for a while and to listen again with fresh ears.

During that time I had another couple of ideas I wanted to add and I noticed a couple of things  I thought I could do better. lol. I will start on the album again around the 7/8th January and hopefully be finished by the end of the month

The songs will have been a mix of traditional Scottish songs and my own new songs written especially for the album. 

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