Bob has been planning his own band for so long now, However time has never been available to push the project forward. With the end of Beggars Row Bob can now hopefully find the time to create his own band. 

The music will be all his own songs and recording and arrangement has already started. The recordings are going well. The music and songs are completely different from his previous bands. Indeed though still within the realms of Folk and Celtic Music. Bob has let his imagination run free and used a fair bit of licence with the style of all the songs.

The hope is to perform the music not just as a band but also maybe as a concert/show.  Once the song sets take place Bob will start to release demo clips on this website for everyone to sample a taste of his own style.

The most exciting aspect of this band for Bob is that being his own band he can perform his songs, his way. So in actual fact the big band is really Big Bob.