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Winter 2021/22

Date 6th November, 2021.

Even though Covid has hit the music industry hard. I had a more successful Summer tour of Denmark than was expected given all the regulations.

Now I am back in Scotland and working Scottish concert bookings for the winter 21/22.  The bookings are starting to pick up. 

I am also looking forward to next years Denmark and Netherlands concerts, and booking are underway there too..

Anyone interested in Booking myself or Celtic Horizon band or Celtic Alba duo. Please get in touch through the contact page. There is no obligation to book.

Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year folks.






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Bob Ferguson Tour Denmark/Germany/ Netherlands

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Bob Ferguson Summer/Autumn tour of Denmark/Germany and Netherlands





Bob Ferguson has toured worldwide for over twenty years as a full-time musician. In the early days, he was the lead singer in Beggars Row band. Bob also performed in Duo's and solo's and when not performing solo Bob performs with Celtic Horizon Band and Celtic Alba.  As a highly experienced corporate event and festival performer, Bob tours mostly solo nowadays with his various solo acts. A prolific songwriter and extremely happy personality on stage Bob is able to perform any type of venue or to any audience.   READ MORE

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