The rains are pouring down as Rob drives to his estranged wife. He is late again for his weekend with the kids. On the radio he listens to the discussion on the news at it now being three days since last contact with New Zealand and Australia. They were in the middle of the most freakiest massive storm in history.

At Linda's the house is empty, doors open. Rob searches for them. The village is uninhabited. Everyone is gone and doors and windows are open everywhere. Something very bad has happened.

Then he sees them in his car mirrors. Running towards him at fantastic speed. he drives off and meets Jamie his ex's lover.

What Jamie says, stuns him. 'It's an invasion. It's Aliens and they are taking everyone. The rain has never stopped and out of the darkness they become visible as they run towards Rob and Jamie. The Aliens are after them and its time to escape into the hills in Scotland.