'The Angeli' is a fantasy novel set in ancient times. The Angeli ruled in the Northern castle and city for two hundred years, at the entrance to the only route through the giant Plateau. The plateau reaches up to six hundred meters high and a hundred miles in diameter. All trade north and south passes through this city, protected by the Angeli the greatest fighting army the lands have ever known.

Now King Hargod marches with an army one million strong. King Argon knows his small army of thirty thousand cannot hope to win this time. His army includes all the women and children of the city, who are taught to fight from four years old.

Three times they have defeated Hargod and now he returns with a massive army that will attack and attack until fatigue and exhaustion overwhelm his loyal warriors.

The King has a plan, not to win. A plan for a secret exodus that will save fifteen thousand lives.Most of his male warriors will need to sacrifice themselves to enable the escape of the women and children and the young warriors to protect them. However he can discuss it with no one. There is a traitor among his loyal generals. A traitor that could cost the lives of every soul in the city. Can he keep the preparations for his plan secret while exposing the traitor. Can his warriors hold Hargod long enough for his plan to work.

Will the Kings wife and children go on without him, while he remains with his warriors.