Not all little girls are Angels 

Not all little girls are angels.  May 2017,  Bob Ferguson. Copyright Ferguson Publishing.

Dainty feet skipped and hopped along the well-worn path as sunlight filtered through green leafed trees.  Long blonde hair danced in time to the flow of her white dress in the summer breeze. She loved to create rhymes of fun, and times gone, and times begun.

"Skip –skippety, skip -skippety,

I'm all alone,

Mummy is so busy,

She doesn't know I'm not at home."

Over and over she performed her new rhyme. The forest echoed…

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The King of the World 

The King of the World.

The glassy surface of the Atlantic captures isolated clouds floating overhead. Snake-sized waves slither upon the sandy shore and increase the temptation to plunge in for a swim. The waters off the west coast of Scotland are chilling even in this sweltering summer sun. Forget that idea.

Someone must remember there's a farm on this island. Will rescue come today?

Mary wanted a caretaker for the croft for two weeks. How could anyone refuse their little sister's offer of a whole island…

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