'The Forever man' is a Science Fiction novel based in the main around Scotland. Angus Grant survives a world pandemic affecting people with a mild flu. When the pandemic evolves and strikes again, the severity causes more severe reactions with many deaths. One year on and the world has begun to believe the pandemic is over.

When the the number of cancer screened patients rise by the month to almost 100 percent, alarm bells are raised as the real tragedy of the pandemic is exposed. 99.99% of the world population have cancer. The remaining 0.01% have a varying degree of extremely fit and healthy to weak and sickly individuals.

Angus falls into a smaller percentage within this small group. He is discovered to be one of a few thousand people that have become immortal. Their bodies grow back to their peak and they are immune to sickness and disease. They can die by accident or murder only.

Angus has a wife and children who are dying of cancer and faces a world and personal tragedy on epic proportions. Will he be strong enough to lose everything he loves.