News for 2022


Hello friends,

Another year is drawing closer to an end. A year that's seen the farewells of performers we will miss. However, life goes on and it is a busy December for me with 9 private events booked in the diary, house improvements, tour planning and all the other music business that there is never enough hours in the day to do.

LOL. Isn't life fun. My birthday was in November, yes, another one, and keep them coming. So what's in line for 2023. Come back in January to find out in the meantime this month my next newsletter to all my friends on my newsletter list will be sent out. Those friends will find out first what is happening and other good things, and screw ups etc. LOL

First event is the uploading of my Christmas day song in a new video. Quickly followed by Stop the wars video.

See you all soon



6th February 2022,

It looks like the Covid may be receding, I certainly hope so. My next concerts are with Celtic Horizon band tour in Denmark from 18th March to 27th March.

After that I and performing in Scotland until early July.

From July I will mainly be in Denmark with a little tour in Germany and Netherlands also planned.

The three new albums I planned have swelled to five new albums with all the new songs I have been writing in lockdown. More news on that when I work it all out.

I am hoping to perform more lovely house concerts. Please contact me on my contact me page to find out how you can book me and it will not cost you any money.

My livestreams are on the go again and I am currently working on what nights I can perform on regular basis.

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