Blog number 3 after final concert 

Well, Blog no3 on my new website.

The website has everything completed mostly and is up and running. It has been on the go for months; however, time escaped me to get it finished. There is more to come as the months go by.

I have been through this process several times until it struck me that I needed a web host that is more music friendly to make things easier for me. I have made the move now and will gradually wind down the old website.

Once the first album is finished then my shop page will open and…

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The past years in music 

Well where to start. From being made redundant to walking away from the rat race and buying a guitar after an eighteen year gap. Got into some jam sessions at festivals, Then started Beggars Row with my mate Ian Raymond. We were only going a few months doing mainly bars to build a song set. 

Then we unexpectedly ended up going to Moscow and playing theatres and concert halls to full houses. TV shows, radio shows, press conferences. Then Netherlands happened followed by concerts in Belgium, Norway then…

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Life after Beggars Row 

Well Blog two is about what am I planning to do after Beggars Row. The first answer is! I am working on three of my solo acts. Over the years apart from the fun of playing in Beggars Row and Celtic Horizon there are always downsides, although nothing too serious, ha ha.

When you play in established bands you don't get a chance to always play every style or genre of song you like. You have to be true to the audience that you have built up for that band. That does not mean you sing songs you…

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