From the recording THE BURNING TIMES

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In the aftermath of Culloden, the Highlanders were persecuted by the English forces to a terrifying degree of ethnic cleansing. In this song a mother and her children flee from the redcoats ravaging the glens. She longs for her husband who hasn’t returned from the battle.


Capo fret 2
Key shape Am
Am G Em
She runs through the heather – the bairns at her side,
One in each hand – another on her back,
Am G Em
Down in the village – screams can be heard,
Am G Am
The redcoats attacked – like wolves in the night.
F C G Am
Run through the heather – run for your life,
F C G Am
The redcoats are here – run into the night.
Verse 2
The mountains are cold – and fearsome at night,
A woman needs her husband – to be at her side,
Where is he now – she fears for his life,
And for her children – crying by her side.
Verse 3
The mist in the morning – rolls across the glen,
women huddle together – longing for their men,
rumours reach them - of the slaughter on the moor,
the rebellion is over – a thousand are dead.
Verse 4
Women who were wives – cry into the night,
Widows now so many – born in the light,
Children with no fathers – full of disbelief,
The clans they are broken – gone are their chiefs.
Verse 5
When all is quiet – the survivors do return,
Their homes they are gone – all have been burned,
All they can do – is sleep among the ruins,
And pray for salvation – before the winter comes.

Verse 6
Tired and hungry – and nowhere to run,
The redcoats advance – and capture everyone,
Hands bound together – all are led away,
The women fear their fate – at the end of the day.