From the recording THE BURNING TIMES

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As more highlanders were captured it was decided to deport many of them overseas. Sometimes whole families were transported to the other side of the world. In this song it is just the husband being transported away from his wife and children. They would know they would never see each other again.


Farewell my darling
Guitar chords capo on fret 5 harmonica Am
Instrumental verse and intro refrain and end of choruses

Verse 1
Am G
The boats they do row us – on to foreign shores,
F Am
A land we don’t know – where we don’t belong.
I pray you are strong love - I pray every day,
F Am
I hope you find a new love – to look after you.

Farewell my darling - farewell children dear,
Am Em
For we are transported – to a wild and new world.
F Am
I’ll dream of you every – night and day,
Em Am
My tears won’t stop falling – while there’s breath left in me.
verse 2
I longed to hold you – and the children too,
I begged for one minute – to say goodbye,
But the redcoats dragged me – on to the ship,
Then they beat us all down – while our wives cried in vain.
Verse 3
Down in the hold – in the stinking damp,
I yelled your name – with my tearful voice,
The redcoats came and – beat me again,
But my heart it broke – when you cried my name.
Verse 4
This land it is thousands – of miles away,
Far across oceans – for too many days.
This new world has mountains – and reminds me of home,
But home’s where the heart is – and you are far away.